JFD Brokers review: Regulations, Platforms, Trading Instruments Pros and Cons

JFD Brokers review: Regulations, Platforms, Trading Instruments Pros and Cons

Within the vast cosmos of online brokerage, JFD Broker emerges as a venerable institution, enrobed in the rich tapestry of multi-regulation. This financial harbinger beckons traders with the allure of a DMA/STP paradigm, promising access to over 1,500 diverse financial instruments spanning eight distinctive asset categories. Our odyssey through this JFD Broker exposé shall encompass a comprehensive exploration of their unique MT4+ and MT5+ platforms, the enigmatic world of spreads and commissions, and the labyrinthine login process. Stay the course as we endeavor to unravel the enigma and determine if, in this ever-evolving financial landscape, JFD Broker is the sanctuary your investments seek.


Overview of JFD:

A distinguished emblem in the financial annals, the JFD Group, born of the aspirations of seasoned traders in 2011, emerges from the shadows to address the perennial issue of opacity that shrouds the market's inner workings. This laurel-adorned enterprise finds its sanctuary in the idyllic confines of Cyprus, with satellite offices gracing the landscapes of Ludwigsburg (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Bulgaria, and Vanuatu. Regulated under the aegis of CySEC, VFSC, and BaFin, JFD Group Ltd further solidifies its presence by becoming a revered member of multiple German stock exchanges. Here, they proffer over 1,500 financial instruments across a triad of platforms, extending their embrace to both institutional and retail patrons.

Trading Platforms

JFD unfurls a triumvirate of trading citadels, each wielding its unique arsenal. First in line, the venerable MetaTrader 4+ platform, enriched with an assortment of over 500 instruments across eight asset domains. Venture forth and partake in the DMA/STP grandeur, embodied in JFD's Pure Agency model, an intricate web that interlaces with over 20 liquidity providers. The '+' appended to MT4 signifies an exclusive coterie of augmentations, including Excel RTD for the crafters of analytical trading dashboards, a depth of market mini-terminal, a chart trader mini-terminal, and a trade terminal. This leviathan spans its dominion across the Windows, web, iOS, and Android realms.

MetaTrader 5+:

Intrigue deepens with the MetaTrader 5+, a platform that encompasses the quintessence of its MT4 predecessor while unveiling JFD's DMA/STP Pure Agency Model. Here, traders are granted the privilege of post-trade execution reports. But the '+' appended to MT5+ is no mere embellishment. It unfurls a tapestry of opulence, permitting trading directly from real-time charts, divulging the full spectrum of spreads and price dynamics, revealing the depths of the market's pulse, and granting unbridled access to JFD's vast array of trading instruments. A symphony of order types completes this opulent tableau, and like its predecessor, MT5+ finds its dominion over the Windows, web, iOS, and Android domains.


Venturing further into the labyrinth, we encounter Guidants, a prominent CFD and FX trading platform housed within the heartland of Germany. Here, an interactive and intuitive interface ushers traders into the realm of over 1,000 instruments. A tapestry of technical and fundamental approaches unfurls, crafted at the behest of the discerning trader. Users are graced with a bountiful selection of widgets, among them the illustrious JFD Depot, accompanied by heat maps, price alerts, and an integrated economic calendar. The caveat, however, is that Guidants whispers its secrets exclusively in the mellifluous tongue of German and graces the web browser, iOS, and Android realms with its presence.

Trading Instrument

Herein lies a dizzying array of over 1,500 market spheres awaiting your exploration. Engage with the stock pantheon, trading in no less than 400 shares from the realms of the US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Spain. The indices, an eclectic ensemble of 15, include titans such as the US Dow Jones, the venerable DAX, and the indomitable UK FTSE 100. Venture into the cryptic world of cryptocurrencies, with five entrancing options, including the iconic BTCUSD, ETHUSD, and LTCUSD. The forex arena beckons with 66 major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, where the likes of GBPUSD reign supreme. Commodity aficionados will find solace in the realms of Brent Crude Oil and WTI Crude Oil, while the metals, including the resplendent gold and silver, gleam with potential. EFT enthusiasts are not left in the shadows, with 21 EFTs and 4 ETNs to explore.

Spreads & Commission:

JFD Broker unveils the enigmatic tapestry of variable spreads and commission fees that wane to naught contingent on order size and asset class. In the theatre of GBPUSD, spreads unfold at 3.5, while EURUSD dances to the rhythm of 1.8. Yet, in the domains of FTSE and US Dow Jones, the spreads, at 6 pips and 3.5 respectively, may not be deemed as fiercely competitive as some of their peers. Behold, commissions on the forex and metals front, a modest $3 per lot per side, while gold and silver, shrouded in contract specifications, bear fees that oscillate. In the kingdom of CFDs, zero-fee trading reigns over physical stocks and cryptocurrencies, yet others boast commissions of their own. Beware the specter of swap fees, should forex positions linger in the twilight of a rollover.


The world of leverage unveils its perplexing duality. Professional clients, like acrobats on a tightrope, may swing with leverage ratios up to 1:400, a heart-stopping act. However, the constraints of ESMA mandate that retail traders tiptoe between the 1:2 and 1:30 ratios. A safeguard, some say, to shroud the trader in the veil of risk mitigation, a decree standard among the tapestries of EU-regulated brokers.

Mobile App:

Amidst this labyrinthine landscape, MT4+ and MT5+ unfurl their mobile incarnations, a symphony of trading in the palm of your hand. The mantle of desktop functionalities wraps around the mobile realm, offering DMA/STP execution and a treasure trove of exclusive JFD add-ons. Here, complex trading orders find their voice, market depths reveal their secrets, and account dominion extends to the farthest reaches of your mobile existence. Journey to the App Store and Google Play, for there these mobile incarnations await.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Members, travelers in the financial odyssey, may embark on their deposit and withdrawal pilgrimage, securely navigating the labyrinth of My JFD. Here, funds traverse freely, dancing from one JFD account to the other without the ominous specter of charges. Within the tapestry of deposits, credit/debit cards bear no fees via SEPA Transfer, yet international transfers bear a nomadic surcharge. SafeCharge, with its enigmatic aura, casts a 1.95% to 2.95% fee alongside a 0.29 EUR transaction tithe. Neteller and Skrill, enigmatic allies, march in tandem with a 2.90% fee and the same 0.29 EUR tribute. SOFORT, a silent guardian, gazes upon its 1.8% fee and a 0.25 EUR transaction alms. The hourglass of withdrawals, contingent on your bank's homeland, decrees a period ranging from 1 to 7 business days. SOFORT unfurls its bounty within 1 to 3 days, while SafeCharge extends its embrace for 2 to 3 days, a 2 EUR transaction tithe in tow. Skrill, with its swift grace, concludes the ritual in a mere 24 hours, bearing a 1% fee, never to exceed 10 EUR. Neteller, with its global reach, follows suit in 24 hours, bearing a 2% fee, with a cap at 30 USD.

The Demo Account:

In the realm of trial and exploration, users are bestowed with the gift of a free demo trading account, mirroring the very essence of the JFD experience. Enter this realm, sign your name into its chronicles on the broker's website, and take your maiden voyage. Herein lies a sanctuary for novices and veterans alike, a realm to test strategies without the siren call of monetary risk.

Bonuses and Rewards:

JFD Broker, bound by the chains of regulatory dictum, remains a realm untouched by official bonuses. The regulatory code, a stern custodian, forbids the exchange of such trinkets. Yet, in the shadowed corners of the web, on the clandestine pages of unofficial domains, the whispers of no deposit bonuses and promo codes weave an enchanting melody. Wary travelers, heed these lullabies, for they bear the terms and conditions of their own, a contract to heed before embracing these enigmatic gifts.


The guardians of regulation, the indomitable trio of CySEC, VFSC, and BaFin, lend their sacred sigils to JFD Group Ltd. Under their aegis, the brokerage flourishes, authorized to conduct the most sacred acts of portfolio management, investment advice, and execution. JFD Overseas Ltd, a guardian of the VFSC realm, too, stands authorized and regulated to wield the powers of dealing in securities, portfolio management, investment advice, and execution. The annals of JFD Broker AG, etched in the annals of BaFin, grant the power to provide investment and banking services. This illustrious company has etched its name across the parchment of Western Europe, gracing the realms of the UK, France, Ireland, Greece, and Spain. It also adorns the halls of the Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, and Vienna stock exchanges as a capital markets partner, a mark of distinction. Within these annals, the traveler finds assurance, a refuge from the tempestuous seas of scam and deceit.

Additional Features:

Behold the treasure trove of market news and analysis, where expert analysts craft daily tomes of insight, bundled alongside exclusive subscription-based revelations, gifted freely to all. For those yearning for enlightenment, a cornucopia of webinars, live events, and seminars, in languages diverse, grace the traveler. These sessions, a veritable fountain of knowledge, span the spectrum of free and paid. Look to the JFD event calendar, a guide to the upcoming revelries. Venture into the realm of YouTube, where the JFD channel beckons, laden with webinars and educational chronicles.

Trading Accounts:

Simplicity is the creed, a solitary retail account, the cornerstone of JFD's domain. Within this realm, depending on the chosen platform, traders navigate a labyrinth of 1,500+ instruments across eight sprawling asset domains. To unlock the sanctum of live trading, one must present the key of ID verification and complete a sacred questionnaire, probing one's depths of trading wisdom. The threshold to this realm lies at $500.

Trading Hours:

Time, a specter that governs all, holds sway over each market, dictating its own unique hours. Forex, indices, and commodities markets awaken to the world for 24 hours a day, five days a week. ETFs and cryptocurrencies are the ever-watchful sentinels, vigilant day and night. JFD, in its benevolence, offers a table, a sacred tome that unveils the fabled times of trading, an inscription that may be found on their website under the hallowed Contract Specifications.

Customer Support:

In the tapestry of support, customer service stands as an unwavering sentry, guarding the gates 24 hours a day, five days a week. Contact, a mere breath away, may be initiated via telephone at +49 (0) 69175374271, email through support@jfdbank.com, or the ethereal medium of live chat. The realms of phone and live chat resonate in the hours of Sunday, from the chime of 23:00 CET, to Friday, the same hour of 23:00 CET. The song of JFD, however, whispers in the tongues of the world, for it provides a list of worldwide helplines and extends the gift of multilingual customer service.

The Citadel's Coordinates

JFD Group Ltd, the titan of this financial realm, is headquartered in the jewel of Cyprus. Here, the Kakos Premier Tower, a monument to financial prowess, stands tall, its foundation rooted at Kyrillou Loukareos 70, 4156 Limassol, Cyprus. Yet, the brokerage spreads its reach, with subsidiaries in Germany and Vanuatu, and branches in Madrid, Spain, and Bulgaria.


JFD Broker places a strong emphasis on the security of client funds. Client funds are fully segregated and held in licensed financial institutions. The company is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) to safeguard funds. It offers negative balance protection and conducts comprehensive audits, further ensuring a safe and secure trading environment.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful MetaTrader software with a range of add-ons for experienced traders.
  • Extensive selection of over 1,500 trading instruments across eight asset classes.
  • Strong regulatory oversight under CySEC, VFSC, and BaFin.
  • Offers a free demo account for new users.
  • Commission-free trading on physical stocks.
  • Recognized as an award-winning broker.


  • Customer support is not available on weekends.
  • The $500 minimum deposit requirement may be high for beginners.
  • Spreads on some forex pairs and indices are wider compared to other brokers.

In summary, JFD Broker is a reputable and well-regulated broker with a strong focus on providing a fair and transparent trading environment. It offers a wide range of trading instruments and powerful platforms, making it suitable for experienced traders. However, traders should be aware of the relatively high minimum deposit requirement and wider spreads on certain assets. Despite these drawbacks, JFD Broker is a recommended option for those seeking a reliable and regulated broker.

JFD Broker Details

Disclaimer: - We at forexoverflow do not endorse neither refer anyone to trading broker websites. The information is for educational purpose and source of information is from the broker website.


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