FxGlory Review 2023: Deposit Methods, Account Types, and Safety Measures Unveiled

FxGlory Review 2023: Deposit Methods, Account Types, and Safety Measures Unveiled

FxGlory emerges as an offshore brokerage firm, facilitating clients' endeavors in forex and commodities trading. This comprehensive review aims to dissect the gamut of services offered, spanning from deposit and withdrawal modalities to the delineation of account types and bonuses. Moreover, a critical assessment shall unravel the legitimacy quotient of fxglory.com, ensuring an informed decision-making process before navigating towards the account login page.

FxGlory: Delving into Company Particulars

Established in 2011, FxGlory Group Ltd anchors its headquarters in Dubai, boasting operational branches across diverse global locales like Malaysia, Cyprus, Spain, and the UK. The recent expansion culminated in the inauguration of an office in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, underscoring the company's robust growth trajectory. Despite this expansive presence, FxGlory's absence of licensure from a reputable regulatory body raises pivotal safety apprehensions that warrant careful consideration.

The genesis of the company sprouted from a collective of financial experts, driven by the mission to deliver a superlative online trading milieu characterized by high leverage, zero commissions, and swift executions. This vision finds its manifestation through the employment of the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform.

Trading Platform

Unveiling the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Platform by FxGlory

FxGlory proudly presents the esteemed MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform alongside a user-friendly WebTrader alternative. The MT4 platform garners acclaim owing to its user-friendliness, an array of advanced features, and extensive customization capabilities. Its intuitive interface caters effortlessly to novice traders while accommodating the requisites of seasoned trading professionals through its multifaceted functionalities.

Distinguished features encapsulated within the platform encompass:

  • Nine Timeframes: Facilitating diversified time analytics for comprehensive trading decisions.
  • Three Charting Options: Providing versatile graphical representations for astute market analysis.
  • Robust Risk Management Tools: Empowering traders with tools for risk mitigation and management.
  • Instant & Pending Order Types: Ensuring seamless transaction execution with various order options.
  • Dozens of Technical Indicators: Offering a comprehensive toolkit for technical analysis.
  • Market for Custom Additional Indicators: Provision for personalized indicators, enhancing analytical precision.

FxGlory's WebTrader Platform:

FxGlory extends its suite of offerings with a convenient web-based trading platform - the WebTrader. This platform eliminates the need for extensive downloads or software installations, enabling traders to engage directly through a web browser. Compatible across various devices, including Mac and PC, the WebTrader mirrors almost all functionalities present in the downloadable platform. Features encompass one-click trading, an integrated news feed, and multilingual support, ensuring a versatile trading experience.

Exploring FxGlory's Market Offerings

Navigating FxGlory's platform grants users access to a curated selection of tradable instruments. Trade a diverse range of 34 major, minor, and exotic forex pairs, spanning popular choices like GBP/USD and EUR/USD. Additionally, indulge in prominent cryptocurrency brands such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, alongside options in oil and precious metals.

However, in 2018, FxGlory ceased offering binary options trading. Notably, the absence of stocks or indices for trading positions FxGlory in a different league when compared to counterparts like FBS, TradersWay, or HotForex, indicating some limitations.

Fee Structures

A point of contention arises when examining FxGlory's trading fees. The review expresses disappointment due to the relatively high fixed spreads across all account types, deviating unfavorably from industry standards. The Standard account initiates trading with spreads commencing from 2 pips on major forex pairs, while CIP account holders benefit from a lower starting point of 0.1 pips. Nonetheless, the absence of commission fees alongside fixed spreads aids in simplifying fee projections.

Regarding additional fees, scant information prompts potential clients to scrutinize terms and conditions meticulously during the signup process to evade unexpected charges.

Leverage Options

FxGlory introduces varying leverage ratios based on the designated account type:

  • Standard – 1:3000
  • Premium – 1:2000
  • VIP – 1:300
  • CIP – 1:50

FxGlory holds distinction as one of the pioneer retail brokers offering remarkably high leverage rates. Despite the allure of 1:3000 leverage, it amplifies the risk exposure significantly, warranting cautious consideration due to potential increased susceptibility to losses.

Note that a margin calculator is conveniently available at fxglory.com for precise calculations.

FxGlory's Mobile App

Complementing its offerings, FxGlory presents a mobile app empowering clients to manage accounts seamlessly on-the-go. The MT4 platform, accessible for download on iOS and Android devices, facilitates diverse trade orders and execution modes. Mirroring the simplicity of its desktop-based counterpart, the mobile interface ensures swift navigation and a streamlined login process, enhancing user accessibility and convenience.

Payment Methods


FxGlory ensures flexibility in deposit and withdrawal options, offering various methods:

  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
  • Credit & Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard
  • eWallets: Skrill, Neteller
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

Most deposits are swiftly processed on the same day, except for wire transfers, which may take up to seven days. Notably, the minimum deposit requirement stands at a low $1, making it an accessible choice for new traders.


To initiate a withdrawal from FxGlory, users can access the Client Cabinet tab, fill out the withdrawal request form, and follow the outlined steps. Generally, withdrawals have garnered positive reviews, with minimal reports of issues.

Demo Account:

For a risk-free trial experience, traders can open an FxGlory demo account by downloading the MT4 platform and registering their details. However, note that the demo account offers a reduced list of currency pairs compared to the live account.

Bonuses & Coupons:

Currently, FxGlory presents clients with a 50% deposit bonus, exclusively available to real-money traders. This bonus, capped at $1000, activates automatically upon deposit when the bonus box is selected during the account creation process. Redemption of the deposit bonus is limited to a one-time use, and users can find detailed terms and conditions on the Promotion tab of the FxGlory website.

Licensing and Safety Measures:

FxGlory is registered offshore in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with registration number 23463 but lacks accreditation from esteemed regulatory bodies like FCA or CySEC. This absence raises concerns regarding the safety of client funds and the limited legal recourse in case of withdrawal issues or scams.

Additional Features:

To aid informed trading decisions, FxGlory furnishes clients with an array of tools, including a knowledge base with articles primarily catering to experienced traders, forex news, market analysis, a glossary of trading terms, a margin calculator, and an FAQ help portal.

Account Types:

FxGlory offers four account types with varying minimum deposits ranging from $1 to $50,000. All accounts promise instant executions, zero conditions, and swap-free trading conditions. Each account targets a different clientele, catering to both novice and experienced traders.

Trading Hours:

While the FxGlory platform operates 24/7, specific market trading hours vary. For instance, the forex market operates from Sunday at 5 pm EST to Friday at 5 pm EST. Detailed trading hours for specific markets are available on the Trading Account Conditions page on the broker’s website.

Customer Support:

FxGlory ensures 24/5 customer support, accessible via phone, email, and a live chat function on their website. Reviews commend the quick and responsive nature of the support staff in addressing server and platform queries.

Safety Measures:

FxGlory prioritizes client data security, employing 256-bit SSL encryption technology across its website and platform. Additionally, client funds are kept in segregated accounts, and users have access to multiple risk management tools.

FxGlory Verdict:

Despite offering an MT4 platform download, low minimum deposits, and bonuses, FxGlory faces drawbacks such as relatively high fixed spreads, limited tradable products, offshore registration, and a lack of comprehensive educational resources. These factors make it less preferable as a primary brokerage choice.

Pros and Cons


  • VPS: FxGlory excels in offering Virtual Private Server (VPS) options, enhancing trading efficiency and accessibility.
  • Micro-lot Trading: Facilitating micro-lot trading enables traders to engage in smaller positions, allowing for more precise risk management.
  • Automated Trading: FxGlory supports automated trading, empowering users with automated strategies and execution.
  • $1 Minimum Deposit: With a remarkably low minimum deposit requirement of $1, FxGlory ensures accessibility to a broader spectrum of traders.
  • Acceptance of US Clients: FxGlory's acceptance of US clients broadens its clientele base, accommodating a wider audience.
  • Swap-Free Trading Conditions: The provision of swap-free trading conditions appeals to traders adhering to specific religious or ethical considerations.


  • Not Regulated: FxGlory's lack of regulation poses a notable concern regarding the oversight and security of trading activities.
  • No MT5 Platform: The absence of the MT5 platform restricts traders from leveraging the advanced features and functionalities it offers.
  • No Trading Signals: FxGlory lacks the provision of trading signals, depriving users of additional guidance and insights.
  • Limited Product Range: The platform's limited product offerings may limit diversification opportunities for traders.
  • No Scalping Trading Rules: The absence of specific guidelines for scalping trading may impact the strategies employed by traders.
  • Basic Educational Resources: FxGlory's educational resources are basic, potentially limiting the learning and skill enhancement prospects for users.

FxGlory Broker Details

Disclaimer: - We at forexoverflow do not endorse neither refer anyone to trading broker websites. The information is for educational purpose and source of information is from the broker website.


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